Specialty Loan Products

We know that not every home or property purchase falls into the conventional loan category.

Our experienced lenders have access to specialty loans* designed to assist all types of needs. Below is a summary of a variety of specialty loans for which you may qualify.

No Down Payment

If you dream of owning a home but are struggling to come up with the down payment, we have you covered! We have down payment assistance programs in many states to help you qualify to purchase a home. These programs offer assistance with down payment as well as closing costs if you qualify. Income restrictions and sale price restrictions may apply.

RuraLiving Home Mortgage

This product offers a long-term (15 or 30 years), fixed rate with one note and mortgage for the entire acreage and home where a conventional loan may not apply. Properties can range from 5 to 160 acres with a maximum $2 Million loan amount.

Bank Statements for Self-Employed

If you are self-employed and don't meet the traditional income requirements for a conventional loan, this option was designed for you. Using bank statements and W2s or other income, this program allows for lower down payment costs and FICO scores than other programs for self-employed borrowers. No tax records needed. First-time buyers are eligible.

Low-to-Moderate Income Assistance

Our Home Advantage loan also helps those with lower incomes qualify for a loan. No down payment is required and part of the mortgage is interest free. It is available for buyers with limited household income purchasing their first home or a repeat buyer. Attendance at a free homebuyer's education seminar is required.

Multiple Investment Property Owners

We have loan products with no limit on the amount of financed properties.

*Certain and varying restrictions apply to specialty loans. Ask for more details.

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