Home Purchase Mortgage Checklist

Please provide all the following documents in order for us to efficiently process your home loan.

Items needed 24 to 48 hours from today:

  • Two most recent monthly asset statements to be used for this loan (checking, savings, 401k, IRA, stocks/bonds, etc.). Please be sure to include ALL PAGES, EVEN IF BLANK. If statements are quarterly, please provide most recent quarterly statement, all pages. NOTE: Online statement printouts must show; bank name, account number, borrower name and borrower address to be accepted.
  • Most recent Pay Stubs covering a FULL ONE MONTH PERIOD for all borrowers.
  • Provide copies of your 2 most recent W2's.
  • Provide copies of your last 2 years Federal Tax Returns (all schedules), ALL PAGES. If you have not completed your most recent year's Taxes, please provide a copy of the extension form.
  • If Self-Employed, please provide your most recent Business Licenses and all corporate and partnership federal returns with all schedules. If Business License is not available please provide a CPA letter. Also provide a current year-to-date profit and loss statement and balance sheet.
  • If you currently own any property or hold additional mortgages (including Equity Lines of Credit), ALL OF THE FOLLOWING must be provided for ALL properties owned: Current Mortgage Statements, Homeowners Insurance Declarations Page, current Tax Bill. If there is an HOA, please provide a copy of the HOA statement.
  • Letter of explanation for any deposit that exceeds normal payroll.
  • Paper trail of any money transfers with supporting documentation.
  • Copy of cancelled earnest money check. Copy of purchase contract and escrow contact information.
  • Signed disclosure packet from American Pacific Mortgage, ALL PAGES.

Items needed 24 hours after loan approval:

  • Any and all conditions requested from the processor or underwriter.
  • A copy of your homeowners insurance policy.

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